The department cares – disability does not mean inability

It is important for the South African community to appreciate that we as people are abled differently and have unique skills, competencies and abilities.

There is no shame in being a person who is differently abled. As per our Constitution and Human Rights everyone has equal rights and opportunities to access education and participate in society.

It is important for us to know how the department is addressing the issues of access for learners experiencing barriers to learning.

These are the different categories of disabilities

  1. physical: learners with cerebral palsy,
  2. sensory: learners with visual impairment, learners with hearing impairment
  3. intellectual: psychological
  4. psychosocial barriers: abused, environmental challenges, foetal alcohol syndrome.

The Department caters for learners with various barriers to learning, by providing 45 special schools,  and also the 30 operationalised Full Service Schools i.e. mainstream schools that accommodate learners with barriers to learning.

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